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Ana Adams

Conference Role: Sponsorship

Hometown: Gaithersburg

College: U of MD, College Park

Pre-Wharton: Deloitte

Wharton: Student Life Fellow, Admissions Fellow, Retail Club

Summer: Walmart

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Michelle So

Conference Role: Content

Hometown: Los Angeles

College: UCLA

Pre-Wharton: Sony

Wharton: Tech Club Board, Career Fellow, Venture Fellow,

Communications Fellow, President of General Management Club

Summer: Microsoft

Stephanie Kuo

Conference Role: Operations Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA College: Georgetown University Pre-Wharton: Cornerstone Research Wharton: Student Life Fellow, Consulting Club, Retail Club Summer: Nike

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Gunveen Ghumman

Conference Role: Marketing

Hometown: Gurgaon, India

College: SSCBS, University of Delhi

Pre-Wharton: Bain & Co.

Wharton: Student Life Fellow,

Wharton Graduate Association, Consulting Club

Summer: Duckhorn Portfolio